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Something about me and ‘The Indian Fever’

My name is Ravi Kant  – The man behind ‘The Indian Fever’ I’m a 20 – year old and I have done my graduation in Bachelor of Technolgy (B.Tech) in 2018. I belong form Uttar Pradesh Allahabad.

Here in ‘The Indian Fever’, I cover several interesting topics such as the latest news, Social Media, Education, health tips, study tips, Viral truth, making money online and much more. My ultimate goal is to make the best and beneficial suggestion, tips and tricks and also the truth news by my own analysis from all sources.

About Me

Ravi Kant ( Founder ‘The Indian Fever’)

I was raised in a small city in Ghazipur. After completing the 6th grade, I moved to Allahabad to receive a better education. I finished my high school and intermediate from Vivekanand Siksha Niketan intermediate college Allahabad and now I have done my graduation with Bachelor of Technology from United college of engineering and research Naini Allahabad.

You can contact me via mail ‘’ and you can directly find me on facebook Ravi Kant


How The Indian Fever is born:

In 2007, I got my first mobile phone which is just a keypad phone but  I m interested in browsing on the internet so I start browsing on my keypad Nokia Phone and searching the news. I was like to read the technology news and tutorials, study tools, health tips, science, and also the trending topic on the internet and much more I was searching on my phone and I also watching more video on Youtube.

In 2014 I decided to make my own website for the News update which covers all trending topic, tutorial, and much more things, which I was like to read and I start it on WordPress free hosting and free domain as my own name Ravi Blog, but it is not responsive and I leave it as it is.

The second phase which is the reason for making The Indian Fever. Let me tell you the story behind the making of The Indian Fever. First, you should know that ‘The Indian Fever’ channel is a Youtube channel start from 2016. The reason for this website is basically my Youtube channel. When I start my youtube channel and post some video on my youtube channel, you all gave me the good response, then I decide to start again my own website the name of my youtube channel ‘The Indian Fever’ and it is now the public for you from 8/6/2018.

What is The Indian Fever is providing here:

As I told you that it relates to my own Youtube channel, so I decided to provide more knowledge which I can’t mention on the youtube, wait, I can’t mention on youtube mean here, if we talking about Youtube than it takes too much time to video and information such as scripting, light, camera setting and much more things should be considered while making shooting and it is not possible to provide you the much information their instantly, Like instant update, instant notification of schemes, News, money-making tips, and much more things.

Here, in The Indian Fever website, I can provide you instant news update which I cant on the Youtube. So being with us and being informative with upcoming news update and tutorials…

Thank you for being with us, Keep supporting and keep loving.

You can contact me directly at